Workforce Connection Board Professionals
Employ Florida

Construction and Utilities

Desmond Knight, Chair
Central Florida Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Levy Private Sector
Appointed (6/03)

David A Benthusen
Citrus County Schools
Citrus Co School District
Appointed (11/08)

Wayland Clifton*
Department of Juvenile Justice #3
Levy Juvenile Justice; Youth
Appointed (11/99)

Daniel H. Davis*
Community Technical and Adult Education
Marion County School District
Appointed (9/07)

Kevin Gay
Career Technical Education Foundation
Citrus Private Sector
Appointed (3/08)

Judy Houlios
Ocala Housing Authority
Marion HUD
Appointed (9/09)

Richard Martinez
ACE Construction Solutions, Inc.
Marion Private Sector
Appointed (3/08)

Fredrick Morgan
I.B.E.W. Local Union 222
Marion Labor
Appointed (3/08)

Donnah Ross*
College of Central Florida
Community College
Appointed (8/07)

*Ex-officio Member

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