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On-the-Job Training Program

You hire      You train      We pay

Thinking of hiring a new employee? We just made it more affordable. Funds are available to help you hire and train a screened applicant.

This is an opportunity for you as an employer to hire individuals who you would not otherwise hire because they lack some necessary skills required to succeed.

Itís one of the best training methods because itís planned, organized and conducted by you at your workplace. Itís an Ďearn as you learní model thatís great for your new employee.

    Benefits to Employers:
  • Training can be reimbursed up to 90%
  • Customized training, your way
  • Simple process, minimal paperwork
  • Candidates are selected by you from a pool of pre-screened applicants
  • You may be eligible for tax credits
  • Your training cost for new employees is reduced
    Benefits to Employees:
  • Earn as they learn
  • Job coaching
  • Employment

For more information about the OJT Program, please complete the Online Site Application, email us at, or call 352-291-9553.